About Kasih Gold

Information about Kasih Gold establishment

Kasih Gold Establishment Inspiration

  • Kasih Gold was established after the realization of Covid-19 pandemic, where most ummah are affected by lost of job and / or income.
  • The establishment of Kasih Gold, with cooperation from Bank Waqf International (BWI) will restore and increases the islamic economy with "waqf embedded business" as core.
  • "Waqf embedded business" is a waqf element which should be integrated into business.
  • Kasih Gold sets aside 10% of profit gained from Kasih Gold trading as waqf to gives rights to improving ummah's economy by returning a portion of the profit as waqf.
  • Customer, agents and Kasih Gold gains "waqf rewards", as without these three entities, there would be no possibilities in creating "waqf embedded business".

Misi & Visi Kasih Gold

  • Misi

    Provides a gold trading platform as to facilitate easier gold ownership
  • Visi

    Creating and nurturing a new generation of ummah which mainly uses gold as a tools and currency to improve economy